View propagation of 3Y0Z and 3G9A/MM Bouvet Island

*This site shows NOW TEMPORARILY 17 IBP/NCDXF beacons whitch world Skimmer stations captured , by 3Y0Z team arrive at Bouvet Island .
View 3G9A/MM shows the M/V Betanzos Maritime mobile station .
These spots may give some reference for propagation to 3Y0Z .
JF2IWL Dai Nagakura

This chart shows spots of 3Y0Z and 3G9A/MM the MV Betanzos by which CW , RTTY skimmer in the world captured
and spotted to the DX spider cluster on the Great circle map .

Spot's lifetime = 30 min. Line = 10min . This page refreshes every 5min.
Reload ( Push F5 key ) to see the latest data.

Note :
(1) Fake, Busted spots may be included . Pse see exact information at DX Watch / 3Y0Z and RBN spots / DX = 3Y0Z .
(2) This application system cannot distinguish various path .
(3) Confirm date and time ( UTC ) at the bottom of the map for application may hang-up by PC trouble .
(4) I do not take any responsibility or liability for any damage or loss caused through this website.

Special thanks , this page is created using RBN (RBN Team) , ViewProp ( Rick ZL2HAM ) and DX Atlas ( Alex VE3NEA ) .

PSKR = Sent by the callsign 3Y0Z all bands using all modes over the last 1 hour .
( Copy URL and paste address bar of browser . )
Beacon Monitor stations ( IBP/NCDXF Beacon website )
Beacon Monitor Skimmers list and daily log ( IBP/NCDXF Beacon website )

Bouvet Island local time ( CET=GMT+1)

Spots on the Great circle map ( Last 30min. )

View Propagation of 3G9A/MM the M/V Betanzos Maritime mobile station
3Y0Z team Garmin live tracking

2018/01/19 : M/V Betanzos has departed and 3G9A/MM started QRV .

3G9A/MM QRV Time / Band Chart and her position

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