View propagation of 3Y0Z Bouvet Island
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JF2IWL Dai Nagakura

This chart shows spots of 3Y0Z by which CW , RTTY skimmer , FT8 station in the world captured and spotted to the DX spider cluster on the Great circle map ( Right ). SNR chart ( Left ) shows it's SNR ( =~ signal strength dB ) and direction .

Spot's lifetime = 30 min. Line = 20min . This page refreshes every 5min . Reload ( Push F5 key ) to see the latest data .

Note :
(1) Fake, Busted spots may be included .  Pse see exact information at DX Watch / 3Y0Z and RBN spots / DX = 3Y0Z .
(2) This application system cannot distinguish various path .
(3) Confirm date and time ( UTC ) at the bottom of the map for application may hang-up by PC trouble .
(4) I do not take any responsibility or liability for any damage or loss caused through this website .

FYR : Sister website View propagation of DP1POL
German research station "Neumayer III" in Antarctica next to Bouvet Island , for propagation reference of 3Y0Z.


Special thanks , This page owes to the following software and technologies .
RBN (RBN Team) , ViewProp (Rick ZL2HAM) , DX Atlas (Alex VE3NEA) , (Torsten DL9GTB) and (Laurie VK3AMA)

Bouvet Island local time ( CET=GMT+1)

3Y0Z Spots and SNR ( Includes conventional DX Spider spots )

3Y0Z on FT8 mode ( with HamSpots report )

QRV Time / Band chart ( UTC ) and position of MV Betanzos ( Garmin tracking )

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