FT4JA is over on 2016/04/11 .

View propagation of FT4JA Juan de Nova 2016

JF2IWL Dai Nagakura

These charts show spots on the Great circle map , Time/Band activity of FT4JA generated by data which CW , RTTY skimmer in the world captured
and spotted to the DX spider cluster .

Note : Fake, Zoo spots may be included in chart and map .
Pse see exact information at DX Summit / DX callsign = FT4JA or RBN spots / DX = FT4JA .
This application system cannot distinguish various path .

Spot's lifetime = 30 min. Line = 10min . This page refreshes every 5min.
Reload ( Push F5 key ) to see the latest data.

Special thanks , this page is created using RBN (RBN Team) , ViewProp ( Rick ZL2HAM ) and DX Atlas ( Alex VE3NEA ) .

*Confirm time and date at the bottom of the map , The system may hang-up often.

Spots on the Great circle map , Time / Band Activity chart (past 24 hours)