Wind Beneath My Wings in JA
(日本名 : 「飛びます!飛びます!伝搬サイト」)
JF2IWL Dai Nagakura

This site is now being stopped.
I shall return.
( Douglas MacArthur )

Right : JAs signal spots captured by overseas skimmer on Great circle map . ( Includes DX stations which JA skimmers captured. )
Left : Those direction and SNR (=~signal strength : dB ) .
Spots lifetime is 20min. Line's = 5min. This page refreshes every one minute. Reload ( Push F5 Key ) to see latest data.

Time/Band chart is bar graph of DX spots number JA skimmers captured each 30min by bands.
( Includes IBP Beacons , NOT includes CQ Zone 25 and skimmer dupe spots)

*Note it does not distinguish the various path and so called " Busted callsign "
This page may freeze by software or PC trouble .Please confirm time and date in the bottom of map .

この図表は、海外スキマが捕捉したJA局を表示、かつskimmerdupeを許したものです (JAスキマが捕捉した海外局も含みます)。

またVVV TEST DE {MYCALL} TESTなどと打ち込みますと、世界各国のSkimmerに捕捉された瞬間、


この日報グラフはCQ Zone 25内の局は含みません。


Acknowledgment : Special thanks , this page is created using RBN ( RBN Team ) , ViewProp ( Rick ZL2HAM ) and DX Atlas ( Alex VE3NEA ) .

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Space Weather Information from NICT, Japan Solar - Terrestrial Data by N0NBH

Map and SNR chart

Time / Band chart